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Company overview

“Greystone” is one of the most advanced and experienced companies in Azerbaijan specializing in manufacturing of precast concrete products. Using the latest equipment we offer our clients high-quality concrete blocks, precast paving slabs, curbs, grass pavers, steps and other concrete products. 

Semi-dry vibro-compaction technology, employed in our production, is considered to be the most efficient method for manufacturing construction materials. It allows producing wide range of concrete items through changing moulds. Moreover, computer control programming monitors the quality of products at each stage of production line ensuring guaranteed and stable high quality of manufactured items.

Precast concrete products are made by using cement, water, sand and gravel. The result of this mixture is products differing from other materials by their durability, frost resistance, shape accuracy, weight and cost effectiveness.

In most countries of Europe and North America concrete wall blocks are the main material used during construction of houses, residential buildings and other large buildings. Along with that, analogues of pavestones, curbs and grass pavers produced by “Greystone” company are widely used in almost all countries of the world.    

In our production we apply non-waste technology method which ensures complete environmental safety of the whole manufacturing process: no heat, smoke, fire or other components harmful for the environment.

We manufacture precast concrete products in adherence to appropriate international standards:

  1. BSEN 1338:2003
  2. BSEN 771-3
  3. BS 7533-3:2005
  4. ASTM C90-11b
  5. “Masonry and masonry materials – test method for determining thermal and technical indicators”